Old Model Year ‘v’ New Model Year – you save either way!

The end of the calendar year is fast approaching; the time when all Car Manufacturers are shifting uneasily in their seats, endlessly poring over sales figures for the previous 12 months and wondering how to avoid being stuck with Car Yards full of old stock when the Model Year changes from 2016 to 2017.
It’s a time for deals…and 888 Auto Central is ideally placed to help you access the deal-within-the-deal.
• 2016 Model Year Pros & Cons
o Pro: expect to see European cars discounted by approximately 15%, with Japanese/Korean models reduced by roughly 10%
o Con: there can sometimes be compromises in terms of the ‘options’ or ‘add-ons’ available in runout stock
o Pro: the more flexible you are in terms of ‘options’, the better the bargains to be found
o Con: it is, after all’s said and done, last year’s model and that can affect resale value
•  2017 Model Year Pros & Cons
o Pro: the current models, sporting the most contemporary styling and utilising the latest technology
o Con: some of the modifications may be classed as purely cosmetic, with no increase in performance, handling, flexibility or user experience
o Pro: every possible ‘option’ or ‘add-on’ is available throughout the range – no need for compromise
o Con: it is likely – though not always – to cost more than this year’s equivalent
Beware of the disguised price rise!  Consider your favourite chocolate bar – didn’t it used to be bigger?  Or the biscuits you love – didn’t there used to be more in a packet?  You’re not wrong, but you are on the wrong end of an old marketing ploy – lower the amount of product, but keep the high price.  It happens in the car world too.

 at 888 Auto Central will help you navigate your way through the ins and outs of car buying.  He’ll guide you around the complexities of deciding from the various options, pointing out cosmetic differences against significant changes and negotiating a better deal from the manufacturer than you would achieve on your own – the deal within the deal…and it’ll be for precisely the vehicle you want, with the best available options package.
Whether you’re looking for a bargain from Old Model Year (2016) stock, or the best price in the New Model Year (2017) range, 888 Auto Central will help maximise your buying power by finding the best deal within those available to get the right vehicle for you.
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